ric flair
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Reported Additional Details On Ric Flair’s AEW Deal

A new report shed some light on the details of Ric Flair’s new agreement with All Elite Wrestling.

Ric Flair recently signed a multi-year agreement with AEW. As part of the deal, Flair’s “Wooooo! Energy” energy drinks are slated to become the official energy drink of AEW.

Now, a new report from Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select has revealed new details on the agreement and the role that the energy drinks played in this deal coming together.

Comparisons Of This Deal To Randy Savage And Slim Jim’s Deal With WCW

Per the report, sources close to Ric Flair claim the contract is very similar to Randy Savage’s deal with WCW in the mid-1990s. Reportedly, part of acquiring Flair included securing a deal with the energy drink that would cover a substantial amount, of Flair’s salary.

Eric Bischoff has claimed in the past that the Slim Jim sponsorship Randy Savage brought with him to WCW had substantially covered what it took to pay “The Macho Man.”

It is also stated that sources within AEW named merchandising as a big potential positive of having Ric Flair on the roster.

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