johnny gargano
Photo Credit: WWE

Johnny Gargano Is Blessed To Be In His Position, And He Doesn’t Take It For Granted

There are very few wrestlers who are born to be babyfaces in the professional wrestling business. One such star is Johnny Gargano. The former NXT World Champion has been moved up to the main roster and is doing reasonably well along with his wife Candice LeRae. His best friend, Tommaso Ciampa, is also on Monday Night Raw along with Gargano and LeRae.

Recently Dark Puroresu Flowsion shared via Twitter the time when Johnny Wrestling sat down to spend some quality time with a few of his fans.

“Johnny Gargano is an amazing human being! When he finished having a meal these fans asked for a photo. He stuck around, sat down & hung out with them for 20 minutes,” Dark Puroresu Flowsion tweeted.

Gargano noticed the tweet and replied by mentioning the exact time and date he met them. Johnny Gargano also shared that one of the main reasons he wanted to spend time with the people who asked him for a photo was because at the end of the day everyone including him are fans of professional wrestling.

“This was right after being in the Elimination Chamber match too! ? I’m blessed to be in the position I’m in, and I don’t take that for granted. It doesn’t take much to be kind, and at the end of the day, no matter our job, we’re all just people who love pro wrestling! ❤️,” Johnny Gargano tweeted.

The former WWE NXT Tag Team Champion recently made a return to Monday Night Raw to help his long-time friend Tommaso Ciampa. The duo reunited after a few years. They recently wrestled the team of Ludwig Kaiser and Giovani Vinci of IMPERIUM.

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