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Mark Briscoe Reveals How The Briscoes Received Their Ring Name

Mark Briscoe reveals where the Briscoe name came from.

Mark and Jay Briscoe have always been known to fans as The Briscoes even though they’re real last name is Pugh. During a recent appearance on the Brawn Body Health and Fitness podcast, Mark discussed how their in-ring name came to be.

“Well there was a team back in the 70s into the early 80s named The Brisco Brothers, Jack and Jerry,” Mark recalled. “The guy who trained us, he said, ‘You guys remind me of The Brisco Brothers. I’m gonna call you The Briscoe Brothers 2000.’ It was originally The Briscoe Brothers 2000, but then the 2000 got dropped. But that’s where the Briscoe name came from.”

Mark and Jay teamed together for over 20 years and captured tag team gold across the globe in promotions such as Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, IMPACT Wrestling, CZW, and GCW.

Meanwhile, Jack and Gerald Brisco dominated the territories back in the day with time spent in the National Wrestling Alliance before working for WWE. They were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame together in 2008.

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