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Scott D’Amore Says TNA Will Be A Game-Changer In 2024

Scott D’Amore expresses his excitement about the looming return of TNA Wrestling at Hard To Kill 2024.

In an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, IMPACT President Scott D’Amore briefly highlighted some of the changes fans would see with the new TNA.

“You’re going to see upgrades to our look and pacing,” Scott D’Amore said. “We’re in a position to inspire the next generation. Will Ospreay mentioned to me he grew up a TNA Wrestling kid, and that TNA holds a special place in his heart.

“TNA Wrestling changed the landscape of wrestling with AJ Styles in the main event. AJ’s back is what the company was built on. TNA was an agent for change. Whether you were smaller or overlooked, you could shine in TNA. Keeping tag team wrestling alive with America’s Most Wanted or Triple X, that was a priority for TNA. The Knockouts division showcased strong women in an equal setting with the men. We are still that agent of change. TNA has a place in wrestling, and it fits into the landscape in 2024.”

Scott D’Amore: TNA Will Push The Limits

After echoing his past comments that the six-sided ring will not return in the new era, D’Amore brought up some other changes that are on the horizon, such as a shakeup to the talent. He stated that TNA will disrupt and change wrestling,

“You will see some changes to our shows,” he said. “The pacing is going to be quicker, there will be a shakeup talentwise, and you’re going to see us disrupt and change wrestling. We’re going to push the limits, like we did with Ultimate X and King of the Mountain. That might mean, every once in a while, we sometimes fall on our face in a reverse battle royal, but hopefully not too often. We owe it to our fans to take chances.”

Scott D’Amore Says TNA Will Be A Force In Wrestling

Ahead of the beginning of the new era, D’Amore stated that TNA will be a game-changer and a force in wrestling in 2024, and he noted that he’s excited for those will are joining them for the ride.

“We’re going to be the hardest working company in professional wrestling,” he said. “That’s why when I said, ‘TNA, we’re back’, that was such a huge statement. We’re back to doing what we do best. We are going to take chances, give a stage for wrestlers to take a chance, and evolve wrestling.

“I’m excited for those that are joining us. We’re headed somewhere, we’re going on a journey, and we hope people hop on board with us. For those who don’t, that’s OK–wrestling has a lot of different products. But for those who jump on, the only direction we’re moving is forward. We know we’re good at what we do, and we’re going to be a game-changer and a force in 2024. So stay tuned.”

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