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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Konnan Says He Won’t Bring Tessa Blanchard Back To AAA

Don’t expect to see Tessa Blachard return to Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide (AAA) any time soon. AAA booker Konnan has said he won’t bring her back.

Tessa Blanchard is a former AAA Reina de Reinas Champion. She has also held the IMPACT World Championship. Blanchard has been surrounded by controversy in recent years, as she was accused of bullying and racial slurs in January 2020. After taking some time away, Blanchard has been more active in recent months. She has been competing on the independent scene, and she has also wrestled for CMLL.

Speaking on Keepin’ It 100 with Konnan, the AAA booker stated that he would not bring Tessa Blanchard back into the company. He pointed to her separation with Daga as an important factor in his mindset. (H/t Michael Schrute of WrestlingNews.co for the transcription).

“No. Why would I bring her in bro? She was very disrespectful,” Konnan said. “She was like, ‘Oh, the only reason I’m in fu**ing Mexico is because of Daga.’ Really, okay, and [she said] ‘Why do you guys do this? Why do you guys do that?’ I go, ‘Because, newsflash, this is Lucha Libre, not U.S. wrestling.’

“Bro, it would be very uncomfortable after the way they [Blanchard & Daga] got separated that she’d be in the same dressing room with him and then I don’t want to put him in that position. They were married. She hooked up with some other guy and he found out, like, one of the boys.”

Daga and Blanchard announced their divorce in January 2023.

Blanchard recently got her ROTC certification and stated that she feels like she has more to accomplish in wrestling. Check out her comments here.