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John Cena On How He Wants His Story In WWE To End: Whatever Is Best For WWE

John Cena shares his thoughts on how he wants his time in WWE to come to an end.

John Cena debuted in 2002, and he has won the world title 16 times. In recent years, he has transitioned into Hollywood. However, he returned to WWE for a consistent run starting on September 1.

Speaking on WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick ahead of WWE Crown Jewel, John Cena was asked to describe his perfect scenario for the end of his story in WWE,

“I love that question. Again, there’s a lot of different perspectives, right? Anyone else sitting here would probably craft a scenario where oh, in my mind, the perfect thing is do this at this event with this individual,” John Cena said. “I just wanna do what’s best for WWE. That has been my order of operations since I walked in this building. It hasn’t changed, and it’s my way of thinking. It’s done me pretty well.

“I think when I express, when I’m courageous enough to express to those making choices like, ‘Hey, this is it.’ I do what they tell me to do because I believe in full faith that they are doing what’s best for business. So whenever it comes to an end, and it will, whatever is deemed the best thing for the WWE is exactly what will be the perfect moment, period.”

Solo Sikoa scored a dominant win against John Cena at WWE Crown Jewel. It is not known when he will return to WWE.

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