Photo Credit: WWE

Dijak Seems To Have A NXT Deadline Spoiler

With 2023 almost coming to an end, WWE is planning to end the year with a bang. The final Premium Live Event of 2023 is going to be NXT Deadline. This is the second edition of this PLE. One of the top talents in the Black and Gold Brand is Dijak. He seems to have a spoiler for the Premium Live Event.

One of the marquee matches of the WWE NXT Deadline PLE is the Iron Survivor Challenge. It is an interesting concept. It is a blend of the Iron Man match and the Elimination Chamber match. It also has a slight similarity to the Championship Scramble, which used to be a concept from back in the day. Two wrestlers will start the match while the rest are trapped inside a pod. After every five minutes, another wrestler will be released to enter the match. The total match length is 25 minutes. In that time each wrestler’s goal is to obtain as many falls as possible. The winner will earn a championship opportunity in the future.

There will be a total of two Irons Survivor Challenge Matches. One for the men and another for the women. Last year, Grayson Waller won the men’s match and Roxanne Perez went on to win the women’s match and the NXT Women’s Championship as well.

Last night on NXT, Dijak qualified for the Iron Survivor Challenge match by defeating Tyler Bate. After the match, the former Retribution member took to Twitter to send a message to Ilja Dragunov, the current NXT Champion.

“Hey spoiler alert I’m going to win the Iron Survivor Challenge then beat Ilja Dragunov and FINALLY win the NXT Championship,” Dijak tweeted.

Tiffany Stratton also qualified for the Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge.

Will Dijak fulfill his promise? Let us know in the comments below.