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Corey Graves Wants To Work With Pat McAfee More: He Adds A Whole New Element

Corey Graves is open to working with Pat McAfee more.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, Corey Graves was asked who he would want to call the action with if he had his dream pick. Graves has already worked with one legend in Jerry Lawler, but he named a few mic men that he’d love to share the booth with.

“I think just the fan in me, the greats, right? I’ve had the chance to work with and get to know Jerry Lawler pretty well,” Corey Graves said. “I consider King a friend, and I’m honored to have called Royal Rumble matches alongside and called a few episodes of Raw. That’s not lost on me. I’m a fan of this. I’ve never worked with JR on the air, I think that would be interesting.

“Taz is another guy. I think we might butt heads,” he added, “we might be a terrible commentary team because we both sort of fill the same space.”

A whole new element

Graves then said he would love to work with Pat MacAfee more. Graves admitted he took it personally when WWE first brought McAfee on in 2021. He said that he was professionally upset because he’d “paid his dues” in WWE. Still, he holds McAfee’s work in high regard.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this publicly, I would love to work more with Pat McAfee,” Graves said. “I think Pat, he adds a whole new element that maybe nobody has seen before in the game. And I have more fun being me when he’s there than a lot of other people.”

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