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Mandy Rose: The Otis Storyline Was By Far My Favorite Thing I Did On The Main Roster

Mandy Rose had a blast working with Otis on the WWE main roster.

Former WWE Superstar Mandy Rose was a recent guest on Busted Open Radio. When asked what the most rewarding part of her WWE run was, Rose said it was the last two years she got to spend in NXT.

“I would definitely say the last two years being in NXT and obviously evolving my character to crazy heights but also helping the other women,” Mandy Rose said. “I never thought that someone like me, when we’re just pertaining to wrestling, would be able to help these younger girls that have been wrestling way longer than me on the independents and know way more about wrestling than I do.

“But it was actually really nice to help them; they helped me as well and just kind of be there for them. And I developed a really close relationship with a lot of them. And that was really cool because, I don’t know, I guess I had that in NXT when I was first there; Sonya [Deville] and I were super close all the time, but it just felt different.

“I guess maybe because I already went up to Monday Night RAW and SmackDown, and then coming back, I had so much more experience, and I can help the other girls and guys, so I would definitely say that was the highlight of my career.”

Mandy Rose didn’t like to travel

When asked what she doesn’t miss about the wrestling business, Rose immediately pointed to the travel schedule.

“I don’t miss all the travel, obviously,” Mandy Rose said. “I just bought a house back in New York, where my family is. So I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family ever since my brother passed. It’s been tough, but staying close with my family is a must. So having that freedom of being able to be in two places and kind of being like a snowbird right now, which is awesome, but I’m just having that freedom of being able to spend time with my family and do things for them.

“I’m helping my dad’s business kind of revamping that deli up here. So there’s just so many things that I’m like getting so much reward from, which is nice because I feel like I want to still have my purpose, right? I feel like sometimes I do get down certain days because I’m like, Oh, I was so busy wrestling, traveling the world, experiencing all these amazing things.

“But since I’ve been away from it, I actually haven’t missed a beat with anything. I’m still super busy still. I haven’t stopped, and I picked up new things, new hobbies. And you know, the biggest one is helping my family and being closer to them because, you know, life’s short, so that’s been a blessing. So the traveling I definitely don’t miss.”

Otis is naturally hilarious

When asked if she had fun doing the storyline with Otis, Rose put the RAW Superstar over and called it her favorite storyline on the main roster.

“Yes, for sure. I mean, you guys know Otis. He’s just hilarious. Like, half the time, I didn’t even know what he was saying. I was always like that — he’s just so funny and just so genuinely and naturally hilarious. He doesn’t try hard. So I had so much fun. I have to say, besides the two years of being in NXT, the Otis storyline was by far my favorite time as well.”

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