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Photo Credit: WWE

Trish Stratus Interested In Becoming An 8-Time Champ In WWE

Trish Stratus is one of the key players in the evolution of women’s wrestling. Recently, the seven-time Women’s Champion claimed that she is interested in wearing more gold around her waist.

During the weekend, Trish Stratus spoke with Chris Van Vliet during the premiere of the Von Erichs’ biography film, The Iron Claw. In the interview, besides Vliet opening up to the WWE Hall of Famer that she was his teenage crush, he also discussed if she was officially done with professional wrestling.

The Canadian Wrestler replied by stating that she got to wrestle in the Middle East in her final run. Adding to that, she also got to wrestle in her first-ever Ladder Match. Stratus also wrestled in her first-ever Steel Cage match against The Man Becky Lynch. The WWE Hall of Famer also was claimed that she is interested in becoming an eight-time WWE Women’s Champion.

“When I embarked on the journey, I came back for WrestleMania, ‘Let’s do this little program.’ Suddenly, heel Trish had to come alive. Then, it just kept going and going. I got to do things I didn’t get to do, right? Ladder Match, Saudi Arabia, Cage Match. To be able to dip my toes into the current landscape and check boxes that I wasn’t able to check back in the day was pretty amazing. Yeah, I mean, I could become an eight-time champ. That sounds good to me. Why not?” Trish Stratus said. [H/T]

At the end of the aforementioned Steel Cage match, Trish Stratus got hit with a Z-360 from Zoey Stark. It was the last time fans saw her on WWE television. Maybe she can return to get revenge against Stark.

Would you like to see Trish Stratus return to WWE?