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Photo Credit: Alicia Atout / Twitter

Alicia Atout Confirms MJF Is Her Boyfriend

Tits McGee sets the record straight.

MJF and Alicia Atout have always had a playful disdain for each other. Recently, MJF shared a picture of the two of them (and Piper, MJF’s cat) indicating that they were an item now.

Atout posted a new Q&A vlog on YouTube and confirmed that MJF is officially her boyfriend.

“There was a plethora, a cornucopia, an entire bag full of questions asking about my dating life. This usually comes up, but now as this was posted recently online,” Alicia Atout explained. “My boyfriend announced this or posted it, however you want to phrase that. Now that it’s out there, everyone’s asking am I dating MJF?

“These are just a few that popped up asking the question. There were dozens in this Q&A, so I will keep this short and sweet. The answer… is yes,” she proclaimed. “And who the hell would have thought that, you know? I never thought that a man insulting me, calling me ‘Tits McGee’, giving me a nickname that is literally going to stick with me for life, would turn around and somehow we would be together. But life has a really interesting, weird way of working out.”

Alicia Atout worked as an interviewer and on-screen personality with MLW from 2019 until March of this year. She has also worked for IMPACT Wrestling and AEW in the past.

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