zelina vega
Photo Credit: WWE

Zelina Vega Prank Calls Dominik Mysterio, Makes Fun Of His PP

Zelina Vega had some fun with Dominik Mysterio.

During a stream on Twitch (H/t WrestleOps on Twitter), Zelina Vega prank called Dominik Mysterio. She spoke in a fake accent and said she was ordering dinner while her mom was driving. Vega told Dominik she needed chicken tenders and said only people with “really tiny pp’s” like chicken tenders.

Dominik, a known lover of chicken tenders, demanded to talk to her mom. Vega asked whether Dominik wanted to date her mom, and he responded by wondering whether she was hot. Dominik told her she wasn’t speaking to a restaurant.

Vega then said her name was Harold. Dominik again asked whether Vega’s mom was hot. Vega said she was seven when Dominik asked about her age, and Dominik made it clear it was time to go.

Vega surely could have used some levity, as Santos Escobar betrayed her and the rest of the LWO on the November 10 episode of WWE SmackDown. More information is available here.