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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Matt Rehwoldt On TNA Wrestling’s Return: Fully Embracing That History Will Be A Joy

The entire world of professional wrestling is excited and looking forward to the future of IMPACT Wrestling. The excitement is because IMPACT will be rebranding itself as TNA Wrestling once again. One of the commentators on the Nashville-based promotion, Matt Rehwoldt shared his thoughts on the rebranding.

The former WWE Superstar and IMPACT commentator was recently interviewed by Progress Wrestling. During the interview, Matt Rehwoldt shared his thoughts on the rebranding and the promotion returning to TNA. Rehwoldt also stated that he is certain with Anthem and Scott D’Amore the future of TNA Wrestling looks to be shining brighter than ever.

“I’m excited for the future of TNA. So much of our history is already under that banner, and to more fully embrace that will be a joy. I think there was a time just before TNA was initially re-branded to just IMPACT that it lost a little bit of what made it so interesting, however, under Anthem and their support, as well as Scott D’Amore, the crew we have backstage, as well as our amazing roster talent, I believe we truly returned to that original spirit of what TNA was, and can forge it into the future,” Matt Rehwoldt said.

Recently Scott D’Amore tweeted out in response to Will Ospreay’s appreciation towards TNA. D’amore claimed that he would love to have the Aeriel Assassin in the promotion as well.

“Thank you for being such a class act. You walked into our locker room and fit in immediately. You’re world class in the ring & even more so outside of it. Now, about that comment you made about needing to wrestle in a #TNAWrestling ring 2024… LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! #TNAISBACK,” Scott D’Amore tweeted.

Are you excited for the return of TNA Wrestling?