WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results (11/14/23)

WWE NXT Results

November 14, 2023

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Chase U (c) w/Thea Hail and Jacy Jayne vs. Tony D’Angelo and Stacks

Andre Chase walks to the ring, looking disheveled. The commentary team notes Chase hasn’t slept all week after getting a legal letter last week on NXT. Chase and Stacks trade submission attempts. Neither man can maintain an advantage. Chase gets a near fall after a La Magistral cradle. Stacks rolls Chase into a La Magistral of his own. Chase kicks out. D’Angelo gets a blind tag and catches Chase in midair while he attempts a leapfrog. Atomic drop by D’Angelo. Hudson boots D’Angelo in the face. Stacks ends up getting alley ooped into the top rope. Chase takes a nasty bump when he doesn’t get down for a drop down, causing D’Angelo to hip-check him in the head.

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D’Angelo clears the ring and hip tosses Stack over the top onto Chase and Hudson. After the break, Stacks and D’Angelo are working over Hudson. Several members of the Chase U student section get up and leave. D’Angelo gets a blind tag. Hudson pulls D’Angelo off the apron. Stacks runs over to the ropes. Hudson hits Stacks with a slingshot German suplex. Hudson tries to do the same to D’Angelo, but D’Angelo sends Hudson into the ring steps. Stacks and D’Angelo land a superplex/frog splash combo. Hudson breaks up the pin. Chase gets booed as he does the Chase U stomps. D’Angelo and Stacks hit Bada Bing, Bada Boom on Chase for the win.

Winners and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions, Tony D’Angelo and Stacks!

Super Nova Sessions

The Meta-Four are in the ring with Dar. Dar introduces his guest tonight, The Alpha Academy. Dar has the Heritage Cup locked in chains. Everyone argues over whether Tozawa would have beaten Dar last week. Lash Legend says she will qualify for the Iron Survivor match tonight. Otis hits on Legend. Legend is disgusted. This all leads to Chad Gable getting a title shot against Dar. Dar tries a cheap shot and gets headbutted by Gable. Dar is out cold. The Alpha Academy dance in the ring.

Iron Survivor Qualifying Match: Lash Legend w/Meta-Four vs. Roxanne Perez

Perez lands a flurry of offense, capped with a sunset flip. Legend blocks it. Jakara Jackson trips Perez but gets caught by the referee. Legend destroys Roxanne with a lariat. Miss. Jackson gets ejected from ringside. Legend works over Perez. Perez sends Legend out of the ring and lands a dive. Miss Jackson comes back to ringside and distracts the referee. Kiana James hops the barricade and holds Perez’s arm while Legend lands a running big boot. Legend powerbombs Perez and pins her.

Winner- Lash Legend

Backstage, Xi Li invites Lyra Valkyrie to a Warrior Tea Session.

After the break, Valkyrie joins Li for tea. Li explains the warrior traditions to Valkyrie. The tea they drink will signify when she consumes Valkyrie next week during their title match. Valkyrie refuses to drink the tea. Li says if she doesn’t, Li will show no mercy next week. Valkyrie says let the best warrior win. Li and Valkyrie bow to each other.

Iron Survivor Qualifying Match: Trick Williams w/Carmelo Hayes vs. Joe Coffey w/Gallus

Coffey and Williams have a test of strength. Coffey bends Williams into a bridge. Williams powers his way back to a verticle base. Coffey knees Williams in the gut and lands a body slam. Williams lands a few body slams of his own. Dropkick by Williams. Coffey gets launched into pop up uppercut from Williams. Coffey rolls out of the ring. Wolfgang and Mark Coffey stand in Williams’ way. Coffey sneak attacks Williams. Coffey works over Williams. After the break, Gallus tries to get involved. Hayes pulls Mark Coffey off the apron as Williams hits the ropes, causing him to spill out of the ring. Coffey hits All the Best for the Bells. Williams kicks out and lands Flash knee for the win.

Winner- Trick Williams

The Brawling Brutes vs. OTM w/Scrypts

Butch lands a flurry of chops to Nima. Nima shrugs it off. Butch stomps on Nima’s elbow. The Brutes land stereo ten beats. Nima and Price break the holds. Price slams Holland on the apron. Nima stomps Butch. OTM takes turns working over Butch. Butch manages to tag in Holland. Holland clears the ring. The Brutes hit their finish for the win.

Winners- The Brawling Brutes

Joe Gacy gives us another cryptic message. He’s a ghost wandering the halls of NXT, trying to find his place.

Gigi Dolan vs. Arianna Grace

Grace is firmly in control of much of the match, landing a slam for a near fall. Dolan fires up and gets a series of near falls. Grace slams Dolan’s head into the mat and continues her assault. Grace tries to pin Dolan with her feet on the ropes. The referee sees it and stops the count. Headkick by Dolan. Dolan hits the Gigi Driver for the win.

Winner- Gigi Dolan

Backstage, Charlie Dempsey challenges Eddy Thorpe to a match.

Wes Lee vs. Baron Corbin

Corbin shrugs off a few shots from Lee. Lee sends Corbin flying with a diving rana. Corbin kicks out. Lee lands a flurry of offense, capped with a head kick that sends Corbin careening out of the ring. Lee tries a dive, but Corbin catches Lee in the air and hits deep six out on the floor. After the break, Lee gets turned inside out by a lariat from Corbin. Corbin misses a spear in the corner. Lee fires up. Lee slams Corbin’s head into the commentary desk several times. Corbin kicks out of Lee’s missile dropkick. Dominik Mysterio runs down to ringside. Lee takes him out with a dive. Lee walks right into End of Day by Corbin. Corbin pins Lee.

Winner- Baron Corbin

After the match, Corbin beats down Lee. Ilja Dragunov makes the save. Dragunov sets up the Torpedo Moskau. Corbin counters with the End of Days. As Corbin leaves, Dragunov grabs a mic and tells Corbin he doesn’t know what he just did. If he wants a title match so bad, Dragunov will see Corbin at Deadline.

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