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Effy: NWA Begged Me To Work For Them, I Said ‘Go F*ck Yourself’

Effy is not interested in working with the National Wrestling Alliance.

On the latest episode of Weekend at EFFY’s, Effy stated that multiple people reached out to him, hoping to get him to work for NWA. But the GCW star made it quite clear he had no desire to do so. (H/t Fightful for the transcription)

“You know what I told Billy Corgan? I said go f**k yourself. They asked me to come work NWA,” Effy said. “They begged, They had multiple people call me to come work NWA. You know what I said? I’m not helping you. They said Tyrus isn’t here anymore. You know what I said? You leaned into what Tyrus was doing, which was hate speech and FOX News bullsh*t, for such a long period that it f**ked you, and now you want Effy to come in and fix things and go a PR job? No.

“I’m not helping you. I don’t need you, and I’m not helping your company look competent. Then what happens? You blow your TV deal with the CW because oh, the GCW guys are all smoking crack? Is that the rumor going around? No, the NWA guys are doing fake cocaine live on the air and getting pulled off of FITE TV and losing their TV deals. You want Effy to come in? Alright, well guess what? It’s as easy as giving me $50 million, you stupid dumbass piece of sh*t. Go be a rat in a cage, dumbass Billy Corgan, you f**king loser.”

Effy referred to the controversial cocaine spot at NWA Samhain, which reportedly impacted NWA’s television deals with The CW Network. Billy Corgan has maintained that NWA still has two deals with a top 20 network.

After Effy’s podcast dropped, Haus of Wrestling reported that they reached out to FITE about what Effy said. The report stated that FITE responded by saying that their relationship with NWA has never been better.