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The Undertaker Wishes He Got The Chance To Work With Andre The Giant

The Undertaker talks about his wish to wrestle Andre The Giant.

Andre The Giant and The Undertaker are two of the most important big men in the history of wrestling. However, they never went one-on-one.

During a recent interview with Bill Apter of Sportskeeda Wrestlebinge, Undertaker revealed why the match never took place and revealed that Andre had an idea for them to work together.

“The match that I’d wish I had that I never got the opportunity to was work with Andre [The Giant]. That was always a dream of mine,” he said. “It’s funny. Andre told me early on, ‘Kid, one day, me and you.’ He had an idea, he had an angle that he wanted to do with me. Andre didn’t like big guys. He loved me for the little amount of time we got to spend together and he wanted to do business with me. His health was just at a point where we couldn’t do it.”

Throughout his career, Undertaker has defeated such legendary giants as Paul Wight, Great Khali, Mabel, and more, but unfortunately, he never got to check Andre off the list.

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