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Swerve Strickland Has Turned To Meditation In Preparation For His Match At AEW Full Gear

Swerve Strickland has been preparing for his Texas Death Match with Hangman Page in a very unique way.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Swerve Strickland recently sat down with Alicia Atout. When asked about his Texas Death Match with Hangman Page at AEW Full Gear, Strickland said he’s turned to certain forms of meditation to get him in the right headspace.

“A lot of meditation for sure,” Swerve Strickland said. “I was just speaking earlier about the fact that I kind of got to take my mind and go [to] a different place. I kind of got to have out-of-body experiences on certain moments where I’m like, I’m not even there. It’s just my killer instinct is just on autopilot, and I have to let that take over to not just inflict pain but truly endure it.

“And sometimes that can be scary. It’s hard to come back from something like that too. After you do put your mind in a certain place because a lot of people talk about, like if you’re a pro wrestler, if you just have the ability, you can get far, but it’s a lot of mental that goes with that. It’s a lot of mental battling and exercising too.

“I’ve done deathmatches, but I’ve never done a stipulation of a Texas Death Match, so that’s new to me. But it’s been years since I had to do anything like that. Any type of stipulation that’s that wild. And I wouldn’t say nerves take over because I’m a little more in control. I control my nerves a lot better now at this age than I did years ago, but now it’s just like getting my mind there and being able to get it back when it’s all said and done.”

It’s all about the music

When asked what type of meditation he utilizes, Strickland said a lot of it revolves around music.

“It’s the music. Music actually does that to me,” Swerve Strickland revealed. “There’s certain sounds like the sense and certain instruments really get me back to a mellow state because it’s easy throughout the day and throughout the night to just have this going in your mind and your soul and your being and stuff like that. But music kind of like levels of it out. It gets me into it.

“A lot of times, music takes you to a happy place from when I remember this time when I heard this song for the first time, and it brings up good memories and stuff like that. And it brings you, and it calms me. So a lot of times, it’s headphones on all day, headphones on all morning headphones, even if I’m playing a video game. I’m not listening to the game.

“I have headphones on, listening to music, and just trying to keep that same meditation that remedy throughout the whole time. And it’s not even like music that I would necessarily bump to. It’s music that I found just like out of the character of what I would usually listen to.”

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