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MJF Retains World Title Over Jay White At AEW Full Gear

MJF 365 will come to fruition.

AEW Full Gear ended with MJF as the world champion, standing alongside his best brochacho, Adam Cole. The night began with MJF and Samoa Joe defending the ROH World Tag Team Championship, as Joe stepped in for an injured Adam Cole. MJF was attacked and sent to the hospital by Bullet Club Gold, and it was announced that Cole would fight in MJF’s place.

Cole didn’t get that chance as MJF commandeered an ambulance and made it back to the arena. White tried to take every advantage he could to beat MJF, but it simply wasn’t enough.

MJF ended up using his Dynamite Diamond Ring to secure the pinfall victory. He celebrated with Cole to end the night, although he needed some help getting to the stage.

November 20 marks a full year as AEW World Champion for MJF. He is the longest-reigning AEW World Champion ever. In one more week, he will pass Hikaru Shida’s Women’s title reign (372 days) for the second-longest reign of any title in AEW history.

AEW Full Gear results

Check out a recap of the match, courtesy of our live coverage page:

AEW World Championship: MJF (c) def. Jay White via pinfall to retain.

Adam Cole is in the ring on one foot ready to compete when we see MJF drive the ambulance back into the arena. Officials try stopping him from hobbling to the ring but he’s determined. MJF starts it but White immediately targets the knee. The Gunns interfere but Bryce Remsburg throws them out. White continues his attack until MJF turns things around on the outside. White is placed on the announced desk, but it collapses. MJF hits a flying elbow drop anyone to the floor. Back inside, White throws MJF to the mat with a urinagi from the top rope. They trade roll ups before MJF hits a piledriver.

MJF shocks everyone with a flying cutter that sends White to the floor. White traps MJF in a figure four and beats on the leg while Cole contemplates throwing in the towel. MJF almost reaches the rope but White pulls him back to the center where MJF reverses the pressure. White reaches the rope but Cole goes to use his ROH title. White yanks it away and strikes MJF while the ref is down, and White nearly wins. The ref gets knocked down and Cole tries giving Max the diamond ring. White ends up grabbing it and MJF does a big low blow. The Gunns run in but get hit with the ring. White eats a punch and the ref comes to. Max lays on Jay and the ref counts three.

MJF and Cole celebrate together without shenanigans as the pay-per-view goes off the air. MJF now makes it one full calendar year as champion.

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What are your thoughts on this match result? Did the right man leave Full Gear with the AEW World Championship? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.