cody rhodes
Photo Credit: WWE

Top Dolla: Cody Rhodes Always Went Out Of His Way To Talk To And Help Hit Row

Top Dolla has some glowing things to say about Cody Rhodes.

A fan took to Twitter to ask AJ Francis (Top Dolla) one of his favorite stories about The American Nightmare. Francis shared an interesting story highlighting Cody’s genuine personality.

The former member of Hit Row revealed that Cody Rhodes was touched by the fact that the entire Hit Row was backstage at Gorilla to see The American Nightmare following his title match at WrestleMania 39. Dolla also mentioned that Rhodes appreciated the faction and had been often talking and helping them as much as he could.

“At the end of #WrestleMania the only people left in the viewing area outside gorilla to see Cody come back after his match was #HitRow and he just expressed how much he appreciated that and after that day he always went out his way to talk to & help all of us… ?,” Top Dolla tweeted.

Cody Rhodes is currently preparing for his first-ever WarGames match this Saturday at the Survivor Series PLE.

There’s nothing like it

Top Dolla was recently released from his WWE contract. Although, his faction members are still signed with the company. B-Fab is currently trying her best to build a good relationship with Bobby Lashley and seemingly join Hurt Business 2.0. Ashonte Thee Adonis, on the other hand, has not wrestled a lot recently but has been spotted backstage on SmackDown.

Francis recently spoke with WrestleZone about his career and how pro wrestling had always been a dream of his. Francis has had some incredible highlights in the NFL, but he says nothing compares to the rush of being in a WWE ring.

“It hits different when you actually are a performer. Once you feel the rush of going through that curtain, or kicking out at 2.9 and the crowd thought it was over,” Francis explained, “or blowing your comeback or anything that is like a big high-intensity moment in wrestling. There’s nothing like that though. There’s nothing like it.

“I played on Thursday Night Football, Thanksgiving night, 10 million people watching at home, [It was] one of the biggest games of the year. I made a TFL [tackle for loss] that helped us win the game. I’m telling you, wrestling, doing a segment with LA Knight in Madison Square Garden felt better,” Francis said. “I have something else incredibly cool to compare it to, and it’s still way cooler. There’s nothing like it.”