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Damian Priest Says He Can’t Cash In MITB Because Seth Rollins Is Injured

Damian Priest says he currently can’t cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase due to Seth Rollins‘ injury.

World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins continues to appear on WWE RAW, but he is unable to compete as he recovers from a torn MCL and partially torn meniscus. The injury has also impacted Damian Priest, as it has seemingly limited his ability to cash in his contract.

Speaking with Craig O’Donoghue of The West Sport, Priest’s Money in the Bank briefcase came up in the conversation. O’Donoghue noted that the fans were waiting for Priest to cash in on World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, but that seemed unlikely, given Rollins’ injury.

“Well, obviously I’m based on Raw, and being that Seth Rollins is the champion, unfortunately, he’s not medically cleared,” Damian Priest said. “So I can’t cash in right now because officially, he can’t be in a match. So I kind of have to just wait until he’s cleared or you know, if I find myself on the other show, it’d be different.

“But that champion is not really around all the time, either. So it’s one of those things that I’m just biding my time. I still have til July 1. I have plenty of time. So I don’t want to risk doing something I shouldn’t. Like you said, five times I’ve attempted but didn’t cash in. I’d rather that than a failed cash-in.”

Damian Priest: I’m Being Careful, I Have Plenty Of Time

Damian Priest then emphasized that he was being extra careful. He made it clear that, in his mind, he needs to win the gold. Priest also noted that WrestleMania season is always exciting, and you never know what’s going to happen/

“I’m just being extra careful right now because this is not gonna go to waste. In my head, I have to become world champion,” Damian Priest said. “Whether it’s on Raw or SmackDown, either way, I have to become a major titleholder, and I have to be extra careful about it. So I still have time, and then obviously, we got WrestleMania coming up, and that’s always a good time. Whether it’s ’Mania, the SmackDown before, the RAW after, it’s always an exciting time. So you never know what can happen.”

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