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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Matt Hardy Confirms Jeff Hardy Broke His Nose At AEW Rampage Taping, Having More Testing Done

Matt Hardy welcomed Jeff Hardy into an unfortunate new club.

Jeff Hardy was injured during his match against Sammy Guevara on Wednesday night. During the course of the match, Guevara hit a top rope shooting star press, but smashed his knee into Jeff’s face on the way down.

Jeff finished the match, but many fans were worried that Jeff was seriously injured. As it turns out, Jeff Hardy broke his nose and is waiting to see if any more damage was done.

Matt Hardy and Jon Alba discussed Jeff’s status on the new episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast. Matt said that Jeff broke his nose, which is the minimum they know about now.

“At a minimum, it’s a broken nose”

“It looks like the Sammy Guevara – Hardy curse is real. [laughs] It lives on. We thought it ended in 2020, but it picked back up in 2024, February 2024. Ahh… they were having a hell of a match, it’s going to air on Rampage tonight, if you’re listening to this as it’s live or early in the morning,” Matt explained.

“But they had a great match and there’s a point in it where Sammy does a move and his knee catches Jeff in the face. And it definitely rocked Jeff. And Jeff for sure has a broken nose,” Matt stated. “That’s really all we know. They’re still going to undergo some more testing and whatnot to find out what [the total amount and severity of his injuries are]. But we know, right now at a minimum, it’s a broken nose.”

Matt said Jeff was able to get home fine, noting that they flew home together. He said Jeff was in great spirits despite the injury, adding that Jeff had never broken his nose before.

“He’s never broken his nose before, which is insane to think about. As pro wrestlers, breaking your nose is a pretty standard thing. It happens at some point, especially if you’ve wrestled for three decades like we have. So it was his very first time, and I felt so bad for him because he [had a nice nose before] and [now] it’s broken and jimmied like mine is now. So, welcome to the broken nose club, brother!”

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