WWE NXT Mystery Vignette
Photo Credit: WWE

New Mystery Vignette Airs On 2/20 WWE NXT

The mystery continues.

On the February 20 episode of WWE NXT, the latest vignette in a series of clips hyped up the impending arrival of a mysterious new superstar. This time, the message read, “Men deny their truth. I will be a mirror to it.”

The sound of footsteps speeding up played in the video, which ended with what appeared to be glass shattering.

A previous vignette on the February 6 episode of NXT had the following message: “Man has three faces…one the world sees…one his family sees…and the real one no one sees, but reflects the evil he truly possesses.”

Likewise, on the February 13 episode, the message read, “Goodness is a man’s struggle. Evil, however, is human nature.”

WrestleZone will provide more information as it becomes available.

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