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John Cena Is Excited To Create Some OnlyFans Content With Randy Orton

I bet you never saw the John Cena versus Randy Orton taking this turn.

John Cena has a new OnlyFans account to promote his new movie, Ricky Stanicky. Plenty of people had fun with the new ad campaign, including Randy Orton, who played along and said he wants to ‘collab’ with Cena.

Playing along, Cena then replied that he was excited to work together again.

According to the film synopsis, Ricky Stanicky is about an imaginary character that three friends invented to blame for their bad behavior over the years. After their respective partners become suspicious and want to meet Ricky, the friends hire a washed-up actor to play him.

Ricky Stanicky is scheduled to be released by Amazon MGM Studios on Prime Video on March 7, 2024. The film is directed by Peter Farrelly and it stars Zac Efron, John Cena, Jermaine Fowler, Andrew Santino, Lex Scott Davis and William H. Macy.

Watch the movie trailer below:

John Cena would love to end his career on his own terms

During his recent appearance on the Howard Stern show, Cena mentioned that he sees himself being done with wrestling once he turns 50.

“I am still in. And you know I’m turning 47 in April and man I… I think I can make it to 50. I don’t think I can make it past 50. And that doesn’t mean like, show up for one show for the next 10 years. I think at 50, if we don’t plan something, I just have to tweet like, ‘I’m out. #seeyou’. So, we will see. That’s again, that’s beyond my control. Would I like to do something for the audience?

“Would I like to go out on my terms? Everyone wants to write their last chapter. But that’s beyond my control. There’s a whole lot of stuff going on. And they have so many great stars now. They’re doing Gang Buster numbers. It’s also okay for them to be like, ‘You gave us a good run. Kid, we don’t need you.’ And then I’ll tweet, ‘I’m out. #seeyou’. But that’s okay. That’s how it happens. That’s how it happens. And instead of being like, ‘What the fuck do you mean?’ Man! I’ve had two decades with them,” John Cena said.

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