Moose vs Alex Shelley TNA No Surrender
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TNA No Surrender Results (2/23/24)

TNA No Surrender Results – February 23, 2024

Welcome to WrestleZone’s live coverage of TNA No Surrender 2024!

Countdown: The Rascalz def. Mike Bailey & Trent Seven after Steve Maclin interferes and Mike Bailey takes the loss.

Countdown: Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers def. Kevin Knight & KUSHIDA when Myers hit Roster Cut followed by Edwards hitting Boston Knee Party before Myers pinned Knight for the win.

TNA World Title #1 Contender’s Match: Frankie Kazarian vs. Eric Young

Kazarian demands that he be introduced as “The King of TNA.” They stay evenly matched early on, tossing each other around the ring. Kazarian lands a few suplexes before nailing a slingshot cutter. EY tries for a piledriver, but Kazarian hits Fade to Black instead. While Kazarian argued with the ref over the nearfall, EY planted him with a crucifix bomb and the ref counted three.

Winner: Eric Young

After, Kazarian beat down the referee for a couple of minutes until more officials came out to chase him off.

Match 3 of 3 for the TNA World Tag Team Championship: ABC (c) vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

Ace and Gibson kick things off with trash-talking and then a lockup. Drake gets the tag and knocks Bey off the apron. Bey eventually comes in off the tag but ends up getting picked apart by Gibson and then Drake. Bey finally pulls out a dropkick on Gibson and both men go down. Drake takes out Ace on the apron just as Bey leaps for the tag. Drake flips him off and Gibson chops Bey’s throat, cover.

Drake chokes Bey with a scarf while Ace accidentally distracts the ref with arguing. Gibson returns to grounding Bey with a headlock. Bey finally hits a neckbreaker but Drake gets the tag and traps Bey again. Bey escapes to tag Ace. Ace flies in with a double missile dropkick before leaping out with Soar to Glory on Gibson. ABC double team Gibson briefly as Bey hits a frog splash. ABC then double spin kicks Drake. Ace hits a twisting moonsault, Bey covers.

Drake catches Bey in the midst of 1, 2, Sweet with a sleeper. Gibson traps Ace in a hold right next to him and Bey struggles to stay in it. Bey rolls back for a nearfall that Gibson can’t break. GYV verbally regroups before Ace dumps Gibson out. GYV hits Doomsday Device on Ace to the floor. Bey is all alone in the ring as GYV stands off. Bey hits Gibson with Famouser, but then Gibson hits a corner lungblower. Drake goes Coast to Coast with a dropkick. Gibson covers, nearfall, and the crowd is shocked.

Ace shoves Drake off the top and Bey gets off of Gibson’s shoulders. Ace chokes Gibson with the scarf while the ref checks on Drake. Double Art of Finesse on GYV before Ace hits The Fold on Gibson for the win.

Winners: ABC (c)

Backstage, Maclin is hyping up The Rascalz when Bailey and Seven try to ambush them. Referees prevent a brawl.

PCO vs. Kon

Kon meets PCO on the ramp to start the bout. PCO takes him to the ring and throws him corner to corner. PCO goes to dive out but Kon strikes him down and then chokeslams him on the apron. PCO pops right back up with a clothesline. They continue brawling outside until Kon stikes him with a chair to cause the DQ.

Winner: PCO by DQ

Kon continues beating down PCO and goes on to throw around the timekeeper on the floor. Kon rolls in the ring and poses until PCO pops up from the pile of chairs. PCO chokes Kon and sends him over the ropes. PCO flies out to tackle him. PCO strikes Kon with a chair up the ramp. Kon gains control and traps PCO’s hand in the entrance way before snapping a chair against his neck. PCO lets out a roar as Kon disappears backstage.

In the locker room, Shelley tells Kushida and Knight not to throw in the towel. He also tells Sabin he doesn’t want him at ringside so he can focus on his own match.

Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: Decay (c) vs. MK Ultra

Masha and Havok duke it out as Rosemary and Kelly also spill outside. Back inside, Havok hits a backbreaker and tags out. Masha ends up stomping on Rosemary while the ref is distracted. Kelly gets the tag and Masha slams her on Rosemary. Quick tags from MK Ultra. Rosemary takes Kelly down and they take turns rising up on each other. Masha breaks it up and MK Ultra hits high-low. Masha goes for Snowplow on Rosemary, but she counters with a slam.

Tags made to Kelly and Havok. Havok headbutts her and then hits a running hip attack on both from MK Ultra. Kelly chops but Havok drops her with a DVD, nearfall. Decay hits the combo sit out bomb but Masha breaks it. Masha tags herself in and counters Rosemary’s spear with a Snowplow. Masha pins Rosemary for the three.

Winners AND NEW: MK Ultra

After, MK Ultra blasts Havok with the titles and stomps on Rosemary until Dani Luna and Jody Threat run down to make the save. MK Ultra retreats.

The System discusses their game plan backstage. Moose says they cannot throw in the towel “under no circumstances.”

Josh Alexander vs. Simon Gotch

Gotch flips the bird before they go to the mat with grappling. They trade various headlocks on the mat for a bit until Josh pivots to the ankle lock for a split second as Gotch runs to the bottom rope. They trade uppercuts and forearm strikes. Gotch hits a running senton on Josh’s back on the apron. Gotch goes over to Matt Rehwoldt for a Vaudevillains throwback before hitting a running elbow drop on Alexander on the floor.

Back inside, Gotch traps Josh again in a scissor hold. Josh comes back with a series of German suplexes. Gotch hits Josh with a dropkick to the neck. Gotch goes for another apron senton, but Josh moves and knocks him down with a running crossbody to the floor. They meet nose to nose in the center before trading blows.

Josh hits a big exploder suplex, cover. Gotch traps Josh in a choke hold that knocks his head gear off. Josh escapes and counters into an ankle lock. Josh hits a backbreaker followed by C4 Spike for the pinfall win.

Winner: Josh Alexander

Backstage, AJ Francis confronts Rich Swann ahead of their match on Thursday.

TNA World Championship – No Surrender Rules: Moose (c) vs. Alex Shelley

Shelley ambushes Moose at the bell. Moose favors his left knee early on but ends up booting Shelley on the floor. Shelley wraps a chair around Moose’s ankle and stomps on it. Myers throws his towel away from the situation to ensure he’s not forfeiting. Shelley goes for another chair shot when Edwards yanks it away. Shelley bends Moose’s finger back by using a wrench against the turnbuckle. Alisha has to get Myers to back down.

Moose unloads with punches to the head. Moose slams a chair against Shelley’s hand. Shelley retrieves a kendo stick and strikes Moose’s leg while tied up in the ropes. Eddie throws in a trash can as Moose takes Shelley up top. Shelley bites him and then slams him back-first onto the can. Shelley applies a Figure Four but Moose uses a kendo stick to ward him off. Moose orders a table from The System.

Moose props the table in the corner as they both limp around. Moose nearly runs into the table when Shelley low-blows him and applies Border City Stretch. Myers slips brass knuckles on Moose’s hand to use to break free. Moose goes for another spear and runs through the table when Shelley moves. Kushida slides a chain to Shelley. Shelley applies the Border City Stretch with the chain across Moose’s mouth.

Knight runs inside and launches off Kushida to take out The System. Shelley scares Alisha out of the ring but turns around into a spear while Kushida watches. Moose lands another spear and then a third as Kushida is on the apron with the towel. Moose wraps the chain around himself and prepares for another spear. Kushida throws in the towel and Moose hits the spear anyway.

Winner: Moose (c)

Ahead of the next bout, George Iceman introduces a surprise appearance from Ash By Elegance, who takes a seat at ringside.

TNA Knockouts World Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Gisele Shaw

Shaw immediately dips out of the ring and runs around trying to escape Grace. Shaw tries for a clothesline but gets thrown against the apron. Grace hits a fallaway slam on the floor despite Shaw’s attempts to turn it around. Back inside, Shaw kicks and stomps on the champ. Grace pulls out a couple body slams, cover. Grace places Shaw up top but Shaw ends up countering by driving Grace face first into the canvas.

Shaw flies off with a twirling splash, cover. Soon after, Grace hits an apron senton on Shaw’s back. Back up on the apron, Shaw lands a Spanish Fly to the floor. Shaw tries for a pinfall several times. Grace hits a spinebuster, cover. Shaw hits a knee strike, Grace grabs the rope. Shaw argues with the ref, allowing Grace time to recover.

Grace gets up and they trade strikes. Shaw superkicks and goes for a cutter but Grace evades and tries to stack up. More strikes from Grace precede the Juggernaut Driver for the three.

Winner: Jordynne Grace (c)

Jake Something cuts a promo on the X-Division main event. He says 2024 is the year he takes the X-Division title.

TNA Sacrifice takes place in 2 weeks on March 8 in Windsor.

X-Division Championship: Chris Sabin (c) vs. Mustafa Ali

The crowd is hot as the two stare each other down. Lock up, Sabin backed to the corner. They trade arm drags and reach a stalemate. Ali with a headlock takedown. Double dropkicks and they’re back at a stalemate. Ali teases being in Sabin’s head. Sabin applies a headlock on the mat. Sabin throws right jabs until Ali slides out. Ali pulls Sabin into the ropes, but Sabin does a headscissors takedown from the apron that sends Ali back-first to the floor.

Back inside, Ali hits a 450 splash onto Sabin’s left arm. Ali applies STF and then stomps on the arm. Sabin pulls out a German and they trade various kicks before falling down. Sabin goes up top but Ali chops the chest. Sabin counters with a tornado DDT, cover. Sabin applies a crossface but Ali crawls to the bottom rope. Sabin unloads with punches.

Sabin shoves Ali off the turnbuckle and he lands on his feet. Ali goes for a 450 but rolls through when Sabin moves. Sabin side-steps and Ali runs into the second turnbuckle full force. Sabin dropkicks Ali out and his personal security checks on him. Sabin leaps off the top and lands on two security guards. Good Hands are spotted on the ramp wearing Ali shirts.

Ali and Sabin trade kicks back inside. Sabin blasts Skyler and then Hotch off the apron. Ali goes for the roll up, kick out. Sabin runs Ali over with a Clothesline from Hell. Sabin hits Cradle Shock, nearfall. Ali pulls out a sunset flip bomb in the corner. Ali goes back up and lands the 450 splash for the win and a big pop.

Winner AND NEW: Mustafa Ali

Ali celebrates to close the show.

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