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Matt Hardy Takes A Lot Of Pride In How AEW’s Stadium Stampede Came Together

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WrestleZone spoke with Matt Hardy, who was asked for his standout moments from his recent run in All Elite Wrestling:

Stadium Stampede

“The thing that really stands out to me is the Stadium Stampede. I dug that, especially because it was such a weird time. We were new to the pandemic and no one really knew how dangerous COVID was and we ended up having a cinematic match with 10 guys. It was cool,” Hardy explained. “I took a lot of pride in that and how we turned it around so quick. So a lot of pride in that and I enjoyed doing that.

“I loved the first street fight I had where it was myself and Kenny Omega versus Sammy and Jericho,” he continued. “The match I had with Orange Cassidy, I liked a lot, the one where he busted my nose. Myself and Jeff versus The Bucks from Double or Nothing.”

Matt Hardy says he really enjoyed his reunion with Private Party too, noting how Ethan Page and The Firm were tied in.

“There’s been a lot of matches that I have really liked at AEW. One thing I really liked, which I think was underrated was when I did the angle with myself and Private Party as coming back together and reuniting after I had betrayed them or done them wrong for so long. And then Ethan Page was able to get ahold of our contracts, so we had to work for him and The Firm,” Matt explained. “The way I was trying to take down The Firm with the held of Isiah from the inside and then trick him and get him under contract. I really loved the way that story played out and I wish we would’ve gotten to finish it strong, but you don’t always get what you want in pro wrestling.”

Matt Hardy Matches

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