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Photo Credit: WWE

Grayson Waller And Joey Swoll Trade Shots On Social Media

Grayson Waller and Joey Swoll traded shots on social media, and Austin Theory got involved as well.

Joey Swoll sparked some buzz as he took to social media and said, “Anyone could get it, even a WWE superstar.” Swoll took issue with Waller and Theory’s behavior at the gym and said that they did not own it.

Waller responded by calling Swoll a “giant flop” and daring him to come find them. Theory also replied by saying he would smack Swoll, who said that the WWE star did not want “this smoke,” and he would be happy to end Theory’s career.

Waller then sent a message to the Swoll Army. He gave Swoll credit for calling him and Theory out but said that he was “dumb as paint,” though he was in great shape. Waller said that Swoll’s fans were “fat, ugly losers” and he made fun of them. He noted that Swoll’s fans should have spent more time reading than “pretending to go to the gym.”

Waller called them losers and told Swoll that he and Theory would have him gasping for air if he mixed it up with them. He also said that he and Theory were not hard to find, as they would be at WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia.

Waller and Theory then continued to poke fun at Swoll online.

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