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Photo Credit: WWE

Akira Tozawa Wins Pizza And Cheesesteak Eating Competition

In a battle between two of WWE’s meatiest men, Akira Tozawa stood tall.

On April 2, Omos faced Otis in an eating contest in Philadelphia ahead of WrestleMania 40. Alpha Academy member Akira Tozawa was present, as he was the scorekeeper, while Big E moderated the contest. Otis scored the victory in the opening round, where both men ate slices of pizza.

Both men struggled to wolf down cheesesteaks after eating so much pizza. Tozawa tagged in, and the combination of his cheesesteak and Omos’ was enough to defeat Otis. Tozawa then clinched the victory by eating the most pizza in the third round. He was then declared the winner and the Big Eats Champion.

The full contest can be seen here:

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