Montez Ford
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Montez Ford Is Happy To See Tag Team Wrestling In The Main Event Spotlight At WrestleMania

Montez Ford understands that tag team wrestling can steal the show at the Showcase of the Immortals.

SmackDown Superstar Montez Ford recently sat down with Rick Ucchino of Cageside Seats. When asked about the bigger spotlight on tag team wrestling in recent years at WrestleMania, Ford spoke about the history of tag team matches main eventing the biggest show of the year.

“The very first WrestleMania was a tag team main event,” Montez Ford said. “WrestleMania 39 [was] back to a tag team main event last year. Now again, tag team wrestling is the main event at WrestleMania XL. Granted, it’s now happening more frequently, but for us for tag team specialists, for the tag team competitors, that’s amazing because normally you get your World Title matches.

“You get your Bayleys and your IYOs. You get your Biancas and Beckys, Seth and Drew, Roman, and Cody, but now you’re starting to get tag team wrestling in the main event. We (tag teams) can show up and show out as well. We can steal the show as well; we can do all these things.

“So it’s good to show another element that tag team wrestling has a spot and is in the main event conversation. And it’s not just the World Title matches, or the Women’s World Title matches. I think it’s great. It gives all of these individuals, including myself, an opportunity to show what they can do in the main event spotlight.”

The Final Testament will be made an example of at WrestleMania XL

When asked about his Philadelphia Street Fight against the Final Testament, Ford said they would make an example out of them.

“Unfortunately for them, they just have to get made an example out of,” Montez Ford said. “They have to know that we’re not nothing to play with. Granted, we’re very easygoing. ‘Oh, they’re so happy. They’re nice. They like to have a great time.’

“But when it comes down to it and when you take stuff away from us, you have to get dealt with. You have to be made an example out of because if we don’t handle you guys, then everyone else can feel like they can just walk around and do the same thing to us.”

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