Paul Walter Hauser ROH Supercard Of Honor
Photo Credit: ROH

Paul Walter Hauser Helps Dalton Castle Beat Johnny TV At ROH Supercard Of Honor

Paul Walter Hauser disguised himself at ROH Supercard of Honor.

The bitter rivalry between Dalton Castle and Johnny TV culminated at ROH Supercard of Honor, as they clashed in a Fight Without Honor. Johnny slammed Castle through a table and hit him with a kendo stick. Taya Valkyrie interfered, but a group of Castle’s Boys got involved as well.

One of them was identified as Emmy Award-winner Paul Walter Hauser, who has wrestled for Wrestling Revolver Multiple times. Hauser and Castle dumped some thumbtacks onto the mat, and Castle hit the Bang-a-rang onto the tacks for the win.

Here’s how the match broke down, courtesy of our play-by-play coverage:

Johnny TV continues to control the action. They battle over a chair, and Johnny TV hits Castle with a kendo stick. He continues to punish Castle with a kendo stick. Castle rallies with a suplex and dumps Johnny with another suplex. Castle hits Johnny with a kendo stick severak times. Taya throws power in Castle’s face and blows a leafblower at him. Johnny slams Castle through a table and hits Starship Pain. Castle rallies and slams Johnny. Castle throes some of The Boys onto Johnny TV. One of the Boys is identified as Paul Walter Hauser. Johnny dives onto the Boys at ringside. Hauser slams Johnny TV. The Boys carry Taya Valkyrie to the back. Hauser unmasks to officially reveal himself.

Hauser and Castle dump some tacks onto the mat. Castle hits a Bang-a-rang onto some tacks for the win.

Winner: Dalton Castle

Castle celebrates with Paul Walter Hauser.

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