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Roman Reigns: It Was A Dream Teaming Up With The Rock At WrestleMania 40

Roman Reigns discusses what teaming up with The Rock meant to him.

On the opening night of WWE WrestleMania 40, Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and The Rock defeated Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins. This marked The Rock’s first proper match since 2013; he had an eight-second squash match in 2016.

During the WWE WrestleMania 40 Night One Post-Show Press Conference, Roman Reigns was asked to discuss what it felt like to be in the ring with The Rock.

“This is what I’ve been dreaming my whole life,” Roman Reigns said. “When I got in the business, I didn’t even think, it wasn’t even a thought if it would be possible because either he’s moved on, or it’s gonna be more of an appearance-based situation.

“But I’ve used the same mindset the whole time. In the high tide, I lift up everybody, and the first thing that I wanted to do was lift my family. The Usos, Solo, and Dwayne’s no different. We primed this thing perfectly. We set the launch pad, and then we placed the rocket, and now we took off. If everything that we do doesn’t happen, then we don’t get to this point.”

Roman Reigns: This Is Real To Me, Working With My Family Is A Dream

Roman Reigns continued by saying that he and Paul Heyman wanted to elevate their family and everyone else around them. He stated that the Bloodline was real to him. Reigns reiterated that performing with The Rock was a dream.

“I could have easily been like, ‘Wiseman, we got it. We don’t need anybody.’ But we chose to put The Usos in the spotlight. We chose to put Solo in the spotlight,” Roman Reigns said. “We chose to lift everybody up. That’s my M.O. I’m not messing around with this Bloodline thing. This is for real to me. This is real life to me. I grew up in this business.

“I couldn’t get away from it, but I wanted to. This is everything. The liveliness that I’ve set for my family. It was a dream being out there with him, and it’s been a dream to be out there with every single relative that I have.”

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