WWE WrestleMania 40 Jey Uso
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Jey Uso: The Bloodline Storyline Isn’t Ending, I Think We’re Just Getting Started

Jey Uso doesn’t think this is the end of the Bloodline.

The group seemed out of luck at WrestleMania 40. John Cena, The Undertaker and Seth Rollins helped fight off the Bloodline, giving Cody Rhodes a chance to beat Roman Reigns.

He did just that, pinning the champion to end Roman Reigns‘ world title reign of over three years. However, “Main Event” Jey Uso thinks the storyline still has legs.

Speaking on WWE’s The Bump (via Fightful), Jey Uso was asked about his thoughts on the story, as well as the end of Reigns’ legendary title reign. The former tag team champion called it “crazy”, but doesn’t think that story has run it’s course yet.

“It’s crazy because it’s over now. Even the reign, seeing [Roman] walk off with no belt, he’s usually the one closing the show, right. He’s the one with the big pyro. But we all gonna have to get used to it. Seeing all the greats out there. Standing out there with John Cena, I was low-key looking at John Cena like, ‘Man, you’re here.’ I’m like, Randy’s here. There goes ‘Yeah’ LA Knight. I’m just being a fan, too. But I feel like the story’s still getting written. You know what I’m saying? I don’t think it’s ending. To be honest, I think we just getting started. For real, I’m excited to see how it unfolds, and I’m excited for the people to go on a ride with us. They deserve that,”

Jey Uso Was Excited And Happy For Cody Rhodes Title Win

Jey Uso helped Cody Rhodes bear Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40. He interfered to take Jimmy Out of the picture, and lifted Cody onto his shoulders to celebrate after the match.

When asked his feelings about the win, Jey Uso said;

“I’m pretty sure I felt like how everyone out here felt. Excited, man, and very happy for him. We saw his story finish and unfold in front of the millions. I’m ready for tonight. Monday Night Raw, it’s a fresh start, it’s a new start,”

“It’s hard to express feelings, but damn. Just seeing his family in there, his mom. It just makes my heart happy. That’s all I can say. He’s inspiring, still. Smart man. I got a voicemail from him at like 5 a.m. last night saying, ‘Thank you for being there for me.’ Man, he don’t have to say none of that to me because I know what time it is with Cody. That’s my dawg too. If he ever needed anything, I’m there. That’s like my brother. I got him. If I say I got you, uce, I got you. I’m gonna have him as long as he’s here, wherever he goes. I’m just very happy. It’s a new era, man. He’s the Undisputed WWE Champion now. When Triple H said it’s a new era, today, tonight, when we go to Raw, it’s about to set off,”