WWE WrestleMania 40 Becky Lynch Rhea Ripley
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Rhea Ripley: The Four Horsewomen Era Will Live On Forever, But There’s A Shift Coming

On Night One of WrestleMania 40, the WWE Women’s World Heavyweight Champion Rhea Ripley retained her title against Becky Lynch. Mami has a unique record of having the opportunity to defeat all four members of the Four Horsewomen. She defeated Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair in a Triple Threat Match back in 2019. Ripley also pinned Bayley during the Road to WrestleMania 39. She also dethroned The Queen at WrestleMania 39.

During the post-show Press Conference after WrestleMania 40, Night One, Rhea Ripley was asked if her victory over The Man meant the end of the Four Horsewomen Era. The Eradicator replied by stating that the Four Horsewomen have accomplished so much in WWE and have taken women’s wrestling to great heights. She also stated that people like her and Bianca Belair are striving to take women’s wrestling to even greater heights.

“The Four Horsewomen Era, it will live on forever. They accomplished so much. They took the women’s division to heights that we could have only dreamt of. They’ve done so much for the business and I have all the respect for every single one of them. I feel like the way that I have been going WrestleMania after WrestleMania finally knocking off the Horsewomen. And same as Bianca Belair, she’s been doing the same. We’ve been proving that there is a shift coming, and these new women, they are taking over, and we are showing out. We are trying to take it to higher heights than it has been taken to. Obviously, Four Horsewomen, they are amazing at what they do. And we don’t want them to leave but they’re gonna have to move over. Because we are taking over at the same time,” Rhea Ripley said.

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