Cody Rhodes WWE WrestleMania 40
Photo Credit: WWE

Charlotte Flair: Cody Rhodes Is A Testament To Knowing Your Worth

Charlotte Flair thinks this is just the beginning of Cody Rhodes‘ story.

The former WWE Women’s Champion missed WrestleMania 40 due to injury. However, she was there to see Cody Rhodes defeat Roman Reigns in the main event to become the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion for the first time.

It was a hard-fought road for Cody, who returned to WWE in 2022 after six years away to achieve his dream.

Speaking with ESPN after WrestleMania 40, Charlotte Flair spoke about Cody Rhodes’ win over Roman Reigns.

She said that his story is just beginning and that he became the top man in WWE because he believed in himself and bet on himself.

“I really think his story is just beginning. He’s exactly where he should be. But the biggest takeaway is Cody was here, he went away, he came back. And kind of like Paul Heyman’s speech at the Hall of Fame, people kept telling him no, no, no, or things kept failing, and that never wavered, either person’s confidence. Cody is a testament to knowing your worth. And I think that’s what we need to take away from tonight. He believed in himself, and he knew that he deserved more. And that’s why he walked out WrestleMania 40’s Champion.”

Charlotte Flair Has Given An Update About Her Injury

Speaking on a Fanatics Live stream (via POST Wrestling), Charlotte Flair gave an update on her injury. She revealed that her surgery went well, and that her knee feels good. However, she did not give a date on her potential return.

“Knee feels good. Walking. Actually, I saw my doctor this morning on the elevator, like who actually performed the surgery. He was like, ‘Actually, the heels are okay because of the elevation’ and I was like, ‘See, I told all you guys that were like, why are you in heels?’