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CM Punk Trolls Drew McIntyre With New Shirt

CM Punk’s new shirt takes a page out of Drew McIntyre’s book.

After CM Punk suffered a torn triceps in the Royal Rumble, Drew McIntyre mocked him with a meme. In the picture, he crouched next to a tombstone that had CM Punk’s WrestleMania dream written on it. He continued to mock Punk over the next several months. Punk got revenge by attacking McIntyre after he won the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania, and Damian Priest cashed in on him.

WWE Shop has released a new CM Punk shirt that is a parody of the one Drew McIntyre had made. In the new shirt, Punk takes McIntyre’s place as the person crouched by a tombstone. Here, the tombstone reads, “McIntyre WMXL” as a nod to Drew’s loss at WrestleMania.

The shirt can be seen below:

The description, courtesy of WWE Shop, is as follows:

“Revenge is a dish best served cold and no one knows that better than CM Punk, whose calculated tactics cost Drew McIntyre the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 40. A colorful tribute to that historic moment is portrayed on this Peace Sign Pose T-Shirt. The Best in the World got the better of The Scottish Warrior and now you too can capitalize on The Savior of WrestleMania’s sorrow with a sweet upgrade to your WWE wardrobe.”

Punk didn’t stop at WrestleMania. He cost McIntyre his chance to earn a world title shot on the following episode of WWE RAW.

WWE has confirmed that CM Punk will appear on both nights of the WWE Draft. More information is available here.

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