WWE RAW Sheamus
Photo Credit: WWE

Sheamus Reacts To Bodyshaming Comments After WWE Raw Return

Sheamus responded to fans commenting about his weight.

The Celtic Warrior returned to the WWE on Monday Night Raw this week. He faced Ivar, beating one half of the Viking Raiders in a fun match. Sheamus impressed with the win, and looks to be back to his best after injury troubles.

However, it was not the match that fans were preoccupied with once it was all said and done. Sheamus returned with his old theme music and a new look, with green shorts instead of his usual black trunks.

He also had a bulkier physique, which led fans on social media to comment and body-shame the former WWE Champion about his beefier look. They threw words like “fat” and “overweight” around, so the Irish star felt it necessary to comment on his new look.

Sheamus took to Twitter to respond to the critisism. In a simple four-word reply, the former WWE Champion simply wrote, “I’m just big boned”.

Perhaps his response was a nod to a quote by Eric Cartman from South Park, but it’s good to see Sheamus taking things in stride.

Sheamus: John Cena Had A Lot To Do With First WWE Championship

Sheamus revealed John Cena had a lot to do with his first WWE title win. The Irishman defeated Cena at TLC 2009, putting him through a table to pick up world title gold for the first time.

The Celtic Warrior told Virgin Media Sport Stories (via Fightful);

“That was a different conversation. Up until that day, I was losing that match. Things changed. Cena had a lot to do with it. Cena had a lot to do with what happened that day. It was like, ‘this is someone I can do business with. This is someone I can go around and is a believable foe,’ which is what John needed. What every good hero needs is a good villain. He saw that with me too, people did not like me. People hated me. I was so different compared to everybody in there. Long hair, short hair, super tan, tattoos. I was a different mix and he saw he could do something good with me,”