AEW Dynamite Grand Slam 2021 - Kenny Omega vs. Bryan Danielson
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Kurt Angle: I Think Kenny Omega And Bryan Danielson Are The Best Today

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle speaks highly of AEW stars Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson.

Speaking on Wrestling Life with Ben Veal, Kurt Angle was asked to name some wrestlers he wished he could have had a program with.

“Well, the one guy that’s turning my head right now, and he continues to do it, is Kenny Omega,” Kurt Angle said. “Him or Bryan Danielson. Those two, I really think they’re the best today, and I’m very grateful that Kenny Omega actually said that I was the greatest of all time, and that when he needs to watch film of wrestlers, I’m the one he watches.

“It was like, wow, I feel the same way about him. So it’s a mutual respect. I think both of us feel that we would have had a five-star match if we were to wrestle.”

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Kenny Omega’s Comments About Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle was responding to Kenny Omega’s comments about him on a recent Twitch stream. He called the Olympic gold medalist the greatest and went on to priase him.

“I do think that Kurt Angle is the greatest — I can’t even say just in the ring,” Kenny Omega said. “For me, he’s the most complete wrestler of all time. He’s my favorite. He’s my go-to guy to study for me. Being an athletic guy that wants to be able to mesh well and complement every wrestling style. I’m also, of course — anyone who’s familiar with me here in the chat — I’m not afraid to embarrass myself or do silly things, and that’s what I loved a lot about what Kurt did on TV.”

Kenny Omega recently provided an update on his health. Check out his comments here.

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