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Photo Credit: WWE

Becky Lynch Doesn’t Believe She’s Had A ‘Perfect’ Wrestling Match

The Man Becky Lynch has achieved a lot throughout her wrestling career. The former WWE Women’s Champion has competed against multiple top stars in the business. She has had matches against people such as Rhea Ripley, Charlotte Flair, Bayley, WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, and many more.

Recently, while speaking to Chris Van Vliet on his Insight Podcast, Becky Lynch discussed some of her favorite matches. When prompted about her career, The Man mentioned that she doesn’t believe she’s had a ‘perfect’ wrestling match, although a few might come close.

“[There’s] definitely no such thing. Oh my gosh, there’s no such thing. I really loved the match that Trish and I had. That was one where I didn’t leave going ah! Because even, like I’m thinking of all my favourite matches, like Charlotte at Evolution, there was still some things where I was going ah. Bianca at WrestleMania 38, one of my favourite matches of all time that I’ve had. There were still times when I was like ah, I kicked her right in the face, you know what I mean? Like stuff like that.

“That maybe ended up making it better but sometimes that’s also the thing, not that kicking Bianca right in the face and giving her a massive black eye made a better, maybe more brutal, but obviously I apologised. But sometimes the flaws in things that make them better make them give them that great [feeling]. I don’t like pristine things. I like a little bit of grit and roughness, especially in a wrestling match. I don’t like everything to look clean and perfect and crisp. It shouldn’t, it’s a scrap. I love a scrap. I love a match with a scrap,” Becky Lynch said.

What is your favorite Becky Lynch match?