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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Matt Hardy Is ‘Doing What I Should Be Doing’ With Recent Teasers, Has Spoken With WWE

Matt Hardy is undoubtedly creating a lot of buzz for himself right now.

Hardy is a free agent now, as his contract with AEW expired this month. Recently, Hardy has been posting teasers about his future, which he coincidentally posted at opportune times. Matt posted the latest one during TNA Impact on Thursday night, leading to fans speculating that he could show up at the company’s Rebellion pay-per-view on Saturday.

During the latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast (*recorded on Wednesday night), Hardy and co-host Jon Alba addressed the former’s social media activity. Matt said he’s doing what he should for his brand, noting he’s pretty good at getting buzz for himself.

“Full disclosure — I am doing what I should be doing as a free agent, creating hype around myself. Yes, I have been speaking with AEW constantly. I have been speaking with WWE, I have been speaking with several people across several different platforms,” Hardy explained.

“The next few weeks are going to be fun. As I said before, I think we’re going to be doing some pretty cool stuff coming up,” He added. “So yeah, I am doing what I should be doing. And my job as a brand — which I have to look at myself as a brand, all of my social media stuff is [named] MATTHARDYBRAND — my job as a brand is to promote myself and create buzz around myself and I feel like I do a pretty decent job with it whenever I am able to ‘freelance’ and do whatever.”

No rush

On last week’s episode, Hardy said he was continuing to talk with AEW and wouldn’t rule out a return to the promotion.

However, this week’s show saw Matt say he’s in no rush to sign a contract. He added that he’s been under contract for the past 7 seven years (combined, between WWE and AEW) and getting a break has been nice. Matt is still doing appearances on occasion, but he will sign a contract when the moment is right.

Matt is not dissuaded by signing anywhere. However, he wants to make the right call and go all in on promoting the “team” he picks and wave the flag for them, no matter where it is.

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