WWE SmackDown QR Code
Photo Credit: WWE

QR Code Leads To More Clues On 4/19 WWE SmackDown

The mystery deepens.

Another QR code flashed on-screen during the April 19 episode of WWE SmackDown, and it led to a mysterious figure that had the message, “I’m nobody.”

The QR code also led to the following message:

“I set them free. Out of the Miry clay. Opened their eyes while you did nothing.”

Similar imagery was seen in previous vignettes, including a mysterious symbol and a black bird, were also shown in the message.

Multiple fans on Twitter also investigated the QR code for more clues. The video leads to coordinates, per @Richadaon5 on Twitter, and these coordinates are for the Cross Cave in Slovenia. Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas were known to have gone cave exploring before Wyatt returned to WWE, leading fans to believe this clue was the latest sign that Bo Dallas is indeed returning to WWE soon.

WrestleZone will provide more information as it becomes available.

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