WWE SmackDown Kevin Owens
Photo Credit: WWE

Tama Tonga Attacks Kevin Owens, Makes Him Bleed On WWE SmackDown

In a stunning display tonight on WWE SmackDown, Tama Tonga attacked Kevin Owens, bloodying him in a show of power.

The chaos started when Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa came down to the ring, where Heyman tried to inform the WWE Universe about the current ongoings of The Bloodline, but struggled to speak after the crowd began chanting “we want Roman.”

Sikoa quickly snatched the mic, and then proceeded to say that last week, he gained a new brother but had to lose one in the process, before introducing his MFT, Tama Tonga.

Out came Owens in that moment, with blood all over his face as Tonga threw him onto the ramp. Tonga then proceeded to continue his ambush, throwing Owens into the ring before he and Sikoa threw up the ones, joined after by Heyman. Tonga and Sikoa continued their assault, forcing SmackDown GM Nick Aldis and a ton of officials to come down. Things ended with Sikoa pulling away Tonga as Aldis stepped in front of him, just as Tonga was going to deliver a chair shot to Owens.

After the segment ended, Aldis was shown pulling Heyman backstage and outside of the arena, where a rental car had T-boned another. Heyman was too stunned to speak, saying that none of this had been “authorized,” but Aldis didn’t want to hear it. Instead, he warned Heyman to keep The Bloodline in check ahead of next week’s Draft.