Sheamus Drew McIntyre WWE RAW
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Sheamus: Drew McIntyre Blew His WrestleMania Moment Over A Meme And A Shirt

Sheamus confronted Drew McIntyre on WWE RAW and called him out on his behavior.

Drew McIntyre came to the ring on the April 22 episode of WWE RAW and expressed his frustration about CM Punk attacking him at WrestleMania and costing him the World Heavyweight Championship. He also complained about Punk costing him a chance to earn a title shot the next night on RAW. McIntyre vowed to come out swinging and teased entering the King of the Ring tournament.

Sheamus interrupted and asked him what was going on. He noted that McIntyre was complaining and not taking responsibility for his actions. “The Celtic Warrior” highlighted how McIntyre finally got his WrestleMania moment, but he blew it over a meme and a t-shirt. McIntyre said that Sheamus knew how McIntyre had affected his career, but Sheamus said the obsession was clearly getting to him.

McIntyre fired back by saying that Sheamus used to have banger after banger, but since his return, it was burger after burger. He said that the guys in the back made fun of Sheamus, who responded that he did not care. McIntyre said he was Sheamus’ only friend in the back, and he would watch his back for the next match.

McIntyre then stayed at ringside and watched as Sheamus beat Shinsuke Nakamura in a hard-fought match.

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