WWE RAW Chad Gable
Photo Credit: WWE RAW

Chad Gable Explains Why He Attacked Sami Zayn On WWE RAW

Chad Gable took to the ring tonight, where he explained why he shocked the WWE Universe and attacked Sami Zayn last week.

In the ring during tonight’s WWE RAW, Gable recounted the now infamous moment where he attacked Zayn after losing a WWE Intercontinental Championship match against the champion. Gable said he was unhappy that Zayn paraded the belt in front of him after winning, and what he did was warranted.

Gable went on to say that he should have never spent his time training a “loser” like Zayn, and then proceeded to say he’d been spending a lot of time training losers. He focused his attention The Alpha Academy then, calling Otis the biggest disappointment of them all, and that from here on out, the focus is on Gable, and his quest to win the title. In the end, he berated Otis until the superstar agreed.