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Tommaso Ciampa Is Still Waiting For His ‘God Of War’ Action Figure

Tommaso Ciampa is still waiting for one specific action figure.

WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard recently spoke with Ciampa about his on-air aesthetic and how action figures might influence it. Ciampa previously told Ringside Collectibles the meaning behind his NXT War Games 2020 attire, which he’s only worn once. Ciampa said he designed with a sentimental element, but also hoped it’d be turned into an action figure.

“This was a one-off. The only time I ever wore it was WarGames and guys, they killed this thing. The detail, the packaging, the tank from WarGames, I love it. I love everything about it. The mask was custom made from start to finish, the entire thing was designed with me hoping that one day I would get an action figure from Ringside Collectibles,” Ciampa told Ringside Collectibles, “and it’s exactly what happened. I couldn’t be more excited.”

Ghost of Sparta

During his interview with WrestleZone, Ciampa was asked if he still has action figures in mind when he comes up with his current looks. Ciampa pointed out that his God Of War attire from Halloween Havoc 2021 was also picked for that reason, although a figure has yet to be produced.

“I made the God of War attire for that. Yet to get an action figure on it! I really want one. Yeah, so you want to be like – Johnny [Gargano] always calls it ‘toyetic’ or something – he’s probably better at it than I am,” Ciampa explained. “You think about it, especially for the big ones. You want to have memorable outfits. Macho man style, [Ultimate] Warrior style. Rey [Mysterio] is great at that. Shawn [Michaels] was great at that.”

Ciampa went on to tease the DX-themed gear that he and Gargano wore at WrestleMania 40, noting it made sense because of their relationship with Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

On His Daughter Willow’s Wrestling Fandom

The sentimental element of his aforementioned War Games 2020 attire was a necklace in honor of Ciampa’s daughter, Willow. Ciampa was asked if his daughter is a fan of his, or a fan of pro wrestling in general.

“Her favorite wrestler is Cody Rhodes. It is specifically because he has a neck tattoo. The flag on his neck and the fireworks. Those are the two reasons,” Ciampa explained. “She’s five right now. I wouldn’t call her a wrestling fan. She thinks it’s cool, obviously, what we do. She likes to take photos and be around the hair and makeup. But it’s exciting to watch her reaction to when I’m on the screen at home or wherever it be.”

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