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Photo Credit: WWE

John Morrison Wore Specific Pants To Enhance Leg Slap Sounds

John Morrison said his pants were made for a very specific reason.

The former WWE Superstar is famous for his in-ring gear, which includes his signature long, feathered jacket. However, his long pants are also a trademark of his character. This is going back to his days alongside Joey Mercury and Melina in MNM.

John Morrison spoke with McKenzie Mitchell on her YouTube series, Threads, to talk about his wrestling gear. He showed the pants he wore in 2007 when he lost the ECW title to CM Punk.

He noted that the gear was made with such a material to enhance the sound of him slapping his leg. This is common to make kicks sound more realistic, and helped make John Morrison’s kicks even more impressive in the ring.

“I feel pretty much everybody in wrestling has some form of combo of spandex, Lycra, pleather, or something. Because if not, it can’t stretch. And I do a lot of kicks. A lot of stuff, a lot of springboards. But things like that require a lot of stretch. So landing on that material was a no-brainer. But this material, in specific, I like because you’re able to move, but you’re also able to make sounds [slaps pants].

John Morrison: It Takes Longer To Find Good Gear Than Learning To Wrestle

John Morrison continued to discuss his wrestling gear. He made an exaggerated claim that it takes longer to get a “good pair of wrestling tights” than it does to learn how to wrestle.

While this was hyperbole, he noted that finding somebody who makes good gear takes a long time.

“It takes longer to get a good pair of wrestling tights than it does to learn how to wrestle. It’s really hard to find somebody good to make you a set of gear that you feel comfortable in, can move in, looks good, and is safe. That’s an exaggeration, but it’s really hard to find gear that fits you properly, especially because every piece is custom-made.”