Photo Credit: WWE

QR Code On WWE RAW Leads To Clues, Teases New Message On 5/16

Another QR code appeared on Monday’s episode of WWE RAW, leading to a handful of cryptic clues and a potential new message this week.

During tonight’s episode of RAW, another QR code appeared, but instead of leading audiences to a video, this time it was a database containing various images. The pictures were photos of various pieces of paper with notes on them.

Some of the notes were simple things like a smiley face, while others read messages which included statements like “I set them free,” “I reminded them of who he was. I showed him his lies. Now he shows me his vision it is beautiful.”

Alongside the various notes, four other images were also included in the database. The photos showed the top portion of a mirror, a notebook face down, a newspaper clipping detailing the disappearance of an apparent therapist, and a TV with static in the shape of what looks like a face.

Fans were also quick to spot that, in one of the photos contained an image of a USB drive and floppy disk, the message “5.16.24, 4pm, WITCH” can be seen written on the disk. It’s unclear as of now what this means, but it seems like there is at least another message planned for Thursday.


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