WWE SmackDown QR Code
Photo Credit: WWE

New QR Code On 6/14 WWE SmackDown Leads To More Clues

A brand new QR code appeared during Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown, leading to even more clues of the mysterious figure teasing their arrival.

The latest code once again led to the website from a few weeks ago, this time with a bit of a puzzle. Scrolling to the bottom of the page and entering in a password (“Thank you”) into the recycle bin unlocked six new images for fans to look at.

The new images were of hand-drawn messages left on a desk. Amongst images that included stick figures and a notebook, messages that read “Do you want to meet them?” and “Set them free” could be seen. In other images, drawings of a mysterious face and a framed image of a white rabbit could also be seen.

Finally, the last image was a note that read the date of June 17, 2024. Underneath it was a statement that read “You will behold what we have become,” potentially teasing a debut for Uncle Howdy and his mysterious return.