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Johnny Gargano Had His Senior Prom And Birthday Party At Cleveland Browns Stadium, Now Dreams Of Wrestling There

This year, in August, WWE’s biggest event of the Summer, SummerSlam will be taking place live from Cleveland, Ohio. It will be at the Cleveland Browns Stadium. Recently, former NXT Champion Johnny Gargano shared that wrestling for WWE at the Cleveland Browns Stadium is his dream.

During a recent interview with Good Karma Wrestling, Johnny Gargano revealed that his lifelong dream was to wrestle at the Cleveland Browns Stadium.

“So yeah, it is even wilder. I had my senior prom at Cleveland Browns Stadium. I had my 30th birthday party at Cleveland Browns Stadium. I have spent countless Sundays in Cleveland Browns Stadium as a Browns fan. And when I was younger, Browns weren’t great,” Johnny Gargano noted. “Everyone knows this. So, I don’t know how many fourth quarters I spent in those stands, up in the nose bleeds section, just daydreaming of the possibility of a WWE event being in that stadium. And I never thought it would happen.

“I thought it was like the craziest, wildest dream that would never come true. There’s no way that WWE would run Cleveland Browns Stadium. Like, it’s open air, it’s not that huge of a market like, all that stuff you hear about it. I didn’t just think it would even happen. But the fact that it’s finally happening is amazing to me. It’s literally the dream. My literal dream of wrestling in that stadium could come true. And that’s the coolest thing in the world for me,” Johnny Gargano said. 

Johnny Gargano’s first wrestling event that he saw live was SummerSlam

During the same interview, Gargano mentioned that the first WWE show that he ever went to watch live and in person was SummerSlam 1996.

“So, SummerSlam 1996 in the Gun Arena, was the very first show I ever went to as a fan. That was the night that I decided I need to become a professional wrestler. I need to do this. I needed to work for WWE one day. And the fact that SummerSlam 28 years later, is returning to Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland Browns Stadium, and I’m an active member of the roster. I have a chance to wrestle at SummerSlam in Cleveland, 28 years later after I decided I wanted to become a wrestler because of SummerSlam in Cleveland. It just feels like destiny man.”   

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