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Kid Reporter Asks Jake Paul And Mike Tyson About Their ‘Body Count’ At Press Conference

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson were shocked by one of the questions asked at their pre-fight press conference.

The pair are gearing up for a huge exhibition fight. The pair face off in July, with the fight streamed live on Netflix in a huge first for boxing. It pits the former World Heavyweight Champion against the YouTube star in a controversial match-up.

Both men have appeared in the WWE previously. Jake Paul appeared at Crown Jewel 2022, failing to help his brother, Logan Paul, defeat Roman Reigns in the main event. Meanwhile, Mike Tyson is a WWE Hall of Famer. He has made numerous appearances, including as a referee in the main event of WrestleMania 14.

Despite their vast wealth of experience in boxing and wrestling, both men were flummoxed by one question from their pre-fight press conference. At the event on Monday in New York, the pair spoke about the fight and took questions from the crowd.

In a clip posted on Twitter, a child took to the mic to ask the pair questions. He started by saying “Who would train me better – Jake, or you, Mike?”. Tyson thought it would be him, while Jake Paul noted that “older fighters have more heart and balls and weren’t afraid, but I think the newer fighters have more skill and technique and are sharper. So that’s why I’d be a better coach.”.

Then things got weird.

Clearly excited by the answer, the child continued. He asked the pair who had the bigger balls, before asking who has the higher “body count”. The pair looked shocked, before Tyson laughed and asked “Where is this kid’s mother?”

“So you think he’s got bigger balls? Who do you think has got a higher body count? What’s your body count Jake?! What’s your body count? Jake Paul, you think yours is higher?”.