Kenny Omega
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Kenny Omega: Will Ospreay Is Pretty Good, But He Will Never Be Me

Kenny Omega is continuing his rivalry with Will Ospreay as he recovers from illness.

The former AEW Champion is set to undergo surgery soon, due to suffering from diverticulitis. This illness has kept him out of the ring since December, with no timeline on his potential return to the ring.

Despite the uncertainty over his future, he is still taking time out of his day to insult Will Ospreay. They had two incredible matches against one another in 2023, starting at Wrestle Kingdom 17. Kenny Omega won the first match, while Ospreay got his win back at Forbidden Door 2023.

With Will Ospreay now a full-time wrestler in AEW, a rubber match seems certain to happen at some point. When it does, Omega has a story ready, given the shade he has thrown at the Englishman on Twitch.

Speaking on his Twitch stream, Omega insulted Ospreay. He claimed Ospreay goes around calling himself the best, while people called Omega the best when he was wrestling. He said it “tips the hand” of the Aerial Assassin, who he claims talks “a lot of mean shit” about Omega.

“I remember having that killer instinct. That mean streak. That ego, if you will. The same one that Will Ospreay has. The guy actually, really struts around, calling himself the best. I used to be that way too. Well, actually, I was never that bad. I let other people call me the best. Ospreay just goes around, parading, calling himself the best. I just can’t stand when people do that.”

“And that kind of tips his hands. You know how he really feels when it’s only really him doing it all the time. ‘I’m the best 21st century, I’m the best wrestler you’ve ever seen!’. That I’ve ever seen? I’ve seen myself, so go f*** yourself. He’s pretty good, but he never will be me. Here’s the thing, that guy[Will Ospreay] goes around talking a lot of mean s*** about yours truly, well that’s easy to do when I’m down and out.”

Kenny Omega: More People Came To See Me Than Will Ospreay

Kenny Omega continued his scathing promo on Will Ospreay. He called the Englishman “delusional” and “a maniac” for calling himself the King of Japan. He also noted that he drew better than Ospreay in Japan, and had better matches with the top stars of NJPW.

”Let’s try to compare apples and apples. This dude, he has the gall to go out of the world to call him ‘The King of Japan’. According to who? It’s to himself, this guy is delusional, what a maniac. People like you, the 500-600 fans who would still come to Korakuen Hall I’m sure they adored you. More people would come to see me, buying my goods, I was appearing on TV more. Who rememebrs any of your f***** matches, Will?”

“You wanna compare apples and apples now? Who’s got the better matches against Naito, Ibushi, Tanahashi, all these mother******. We’re talking about the major playings bringing in the bling bling, ching ching, that’s yours truly. You never made a dime for the company. They never forgot me but I wouldn’t be surprised if they already forgot you, Will.”