willow nightingale Mercedes Moné
Photo Credit: AEW via Triller TV

Willow Nightingale Wants To Top Last Year’s Win Over Mercedes Mone

Willow Nightingale wants to do one better against Mercedes Mone.

The pair face off at AEW Double or Nothing this month. This is their second encounter, with the first taking place last year. They battled at NJPW STRONG Resurgence 2023, for vacant NJPW STRONG Women’s title.

In that bout, Willow Nightingale ran out victorious. However, there was an audible called during the match, as Mercedes Money suffered a broken ankle during the match.

Willow Nightingale spoke to Bleacher Report about her upcoming bout with Mercedes Mone. The TBS Champion revealed she wants to top last year’s win over the former WWE Superstar. She noted that she needs to do that, but without an injury to her opponent.

She claimed that she has been working on her game plan for the match. Willow Nightingale doesn’t think Mone will have any surprises to stop her defending her TBS Championship.

“The way that I could top [it] is by walking out the winner and there will be no question in anyone’s mind of if the only way I could beat Mercedes is if she gets injured in the match,” she said. “There is a little bit of a pro and con to this. Mercedes hasn’t wrestled in a full year. I’ve been able to find my strengths as a performer over the past year, so that’s all on display for her to study and figure out what my strong and weak points could be.

“Although she has a full catalog of matches for me to watch, I don’t know what she’s been working on while she’s been healing up. I only have the past to go on. I’m confident in what my game plan is going to be, but let’s hope there aren’t too many surprises that I’m unprepared for.”